What are the differences between the Jaguar Wedding Car and Daimler ?

Not a great deal and they are quite subtle actually.

The main difference is the Daimler’s engine, it has a 2.5Ltr V8 that was originally used in the Daimler Dart sports car.

Cosmetically the Daimler has  a fluted design front grill and rear number plate plinth. The Daimler has a split bench seat in the front versus the Jag’s regular seats and that’s about it.


You may have noticed the Daimler has slimmer bumpers, this is because it is a later car. From 1967 both Jaguar MK2 and Daimler 250s were fitted with the new style bumpers, prior to this both had the heavier large bumpers.

The Jaguar MK2 was launched in October 1959 in 2.4, 3.4 and 3.8 litre forms. It was joined by the similar shaped Daimler V8 (Later renamed the 250) in 1962.


The 250 was launched to take advantage of the superb light weight V8 engine used in the Daimler Dart after Daimler's acquisition by Jaguar. The light V8 engine in the Daimler out performed the sluggish 2.4 litre MK2 and outsold the Jaguar 2.4 towards the end of the production period.

A total of 90,640 MK2's and 17,620 V8/250's were produced with the last cars rolling of the production line in 1969.

The cars changed little during their 10 year production run, the most noticeable change was the move to slim bumpers which were introduced in 1967.

Despite being out of production for decades the Jaguar MK2 and Daimler are very popular Classic Cars and many are still on the road supported by incredibly good parts availability, which is a testament to the reliability of the Jaguar and Daimler engines.

The model has featured in many TV shows and films including Morse, Bread, Withnail and I, The Sweeney and the 1967 classic movie "Robbery". These appearances and it's beautiful styling, have made the Jaguar MK2 one of the most popular choices for a Wedding Car.

With its sumptuous leather and wood interior and classically evocative lines, you really will feel special riding in the comfort of this great British motor car that typifies the 1960’s. Favoured by Police and bank robbers of the time, you will no doubt remember this model as it later resurfaced to fame as the preferred transport of Inspector Morse in the popular TV series and is now often referred to as the "Morse Jaguar".

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