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How do I find a Morse Jaguar for my wedding car?

The Jaguar Mk2 makes a perfect Oxford wedding car. In the TV series Morse, Inspector Morse drove a 1960 Regency Red Jaguar MK2 2.4 litre with a black vinyl roof. The car was purchased by the production company specifically for the show and it allegedly made an appearance in every episode of the series. 

The Jaguar MK2 is indeed a beautiful car but the example in the series was not in great condition (they say John Thaw hated it) and that vinyl roof is not considered desirable among MK2 aficionados.

When the series ended the car was auctioned where it sold for over £53,000. A further £100,000+ was then invested in restoring the car to it's former glory. Whilst the restoration ended with a great looking car, it would never be able to recoup the money spent. At one point it was being offered for hire as a wedding car at a rate of £1,500. The restored car also made a guest appearance in the 2012 Morse spin off "Endeavour".

Thanks in part to Morse and other TV and film appearances including The Sweeney and the 1967 classic movie "Robbery" but more so thanks to it's beautiful styling, the Jaguar MK2 is now one of the most popular choices for a Wedding Car.

At Henley Classic Car Hire we offer Jaguar built vehicles which includes the Daimler marque and one of the best examples of the Jaguar MK2 with the more desirable 3.4 litre engine.

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